Stylitis Explorer

Stylitis Explorer 3.6

Stylitis Explorer is used with the Stylitis-40/100 family of data loggers
3.6 (See all)

Stylitis Explorer is a Windows application designed for use with the Stylitis-40/100 family of data loggers. It may be used alone or with AutoConnect, Symmetron's automatic download software.
Stylitis Explorer has been designed to streamline operations and allow users work with site data as easily as possible.

It features:

- A configurable Windows Explorer-like interface with each folder representing a measurement site.
- Data retrieval via memory cards, RS232 connections and GSM or PSTN modems.
- Built-in viewer and text editor, capable of opening multiple data files in a site.
- Automated procedures for checking and exporting data files to WindRose or other programs.
- Network operation in workgroups.
- Site statistics.
- English and Greek help.
- Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2008 compatibility.

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